Londoner from Harrow

Londoner from Harrow

Londonder from Harrow thinks the infrastructure for road pricing would be expensive and number plates can be faked to avoid payment. They would prefer to see a “transparent tax on petrol at source” with the money raised “go towards supporting the local transport infrastructure.”

A concerned Londoner from Harrow is in favour of road pricing because Don’t assume.

I am NOT in favour of road pricing.

People are tired of having invasive cameras everywhere, that cost a fortune to install and maintain and often will mis read a number plate or have to deal with hacked number plates. My solution is below. Road pricing is not the way forward.
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Road pricing requires a network of intrusive and expensive cameras.

Wholly unnecessary. What should be implemented is a transparent tax on petrol ar source. With the technology around today, the money raised from that tax could go towards supporting the local transport infrastructure.

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